Katrina Younger

Breeding for fertility in the modern dairy cow

Breeding for fertility in the modern dairy cow

Every dairy herd has a range of cow types and performance within it. Every year brings forward a new crop of calves and an offering of elite bulls for joining. The herd’s ‘cycle of life’ gives an annual opportunity to improve important genetic traits, herd quality and farm profitability and sustainability.

LIC Premier Sire bulls

Breeding for the future

While delivering the most elite genetics to farmers to create more efficient and profitable herds is the aim, LIC Livestock Selection Manager Simon Worth explains why a balanced approach is important.

UK Cream Fertility Winner J Major

UK award winner takes the cream

Cornish herd manager, James Major shares some insight into his winning formula after he took out the LIC High Fertility Award at the recent Cream Awards.

LIC Europe Costello farm Germany

Exciting project in Germany

LIC Europe is working with New Zealand companies, Gallagher and Waikato Milking Systems, on a unique project started by Irish farmers, Paul and Stephen Costello, in Germany. The Costello’s have invested in a 1600ha unit just south of Brandenburg. The farm is unique to the area, aiming to produce pasture-based milk for local consumers.

Jersey take up majority of top spots NZ

How about now, brown cow?

The New Zealand Jerseys are leading the way! In the December Good Bulls Guide 12 of the 15 top spots were made up of New Zealand Jerseys, showing the mass improvement of the breed in recent years.

LIC KiwiCross dairy cows NZ

The best of both breeds

There are multiple reasons why KiwiCross™ sires are increasing in popularity on both sides of the Tasman. A key motive is that farmers want to better utilise feed.

Cows that live longer in the milking herd are more profitable

Breeding for the golden oldies

Highly profitable, fertile, healthy and long-lived cows have been the dairy herd ideal for generations. LIC international technical manager Joyce Voogt offers some insight into the secret behind long life cows.

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