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In the latest issue, read about one farmer's reinvention with LIC by his side, delve deeper into the workings of 10-in-7 milking and learn more about LIC research projects on heat tolerant cattle and lower methane-emitting cows.
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SLICK cows at LIC's Innovation Farm

SLICK: developing heat tolerant dairy animals

Despite the last year not providing the heat waves we have come to know, it is expected that in time temperatures will rise. This will have an affect on dairy ...

From the breeding desk

One of the highlights of the year for LIC’s breeding team is the recent rounds of on-farm inspections of potential bull dams throughout New Zealand. Read more about the trends ...

Australian dairy farmer Simon Scott has never strayed from LIC genetics

During reinvention, some things never change

During a time of huge change and reinvention on Simon Scott’s farm in south-west Victoria, one thing has remained steady - Simon has never strayed from LIC genetics.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Herd Improvement Analyst Jayden Calder discusses the benefit of genomics when making breeding selections and the role of bull teams to help fulfil herd improvement goals.

As the climate changes – are we?

Are you trying to solve current problems with historic tools? LIC FarmWise consultant, Darren Sutton, explores strategic ways dairy farmers can adapt to the changing climate.

Bull teams

Hand pick the best of LIC sires to meet your dairy herd breeding criteria including Once-a-day, High Input and A2/A2. Dairy farmers in Australia are seeing benefits including improved milk solids production and farm profitability.

LIC Australia Bulls for breeding high performing dairy cows

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