Inbreeding calculator

When making breeding decisions for your herd, it is important to keep in mind any potential inbreeding.

Inbreeding is the production of offspring from individuals that are genetically related, which could result in a decrease of genetic merit and an increase of birth defects in your dairy calves.

Reduce the risks of inbreeding in your herd with the Inbreeding Report.

Inbreeding coefficient for single mating pair
  • Enter the NZ bull code of the bull you intend to use for breeding
  • Enter the NZ bull code of the Sire of cow you intend to breed
  • The Inbreeding Report will calculate the inbreeding coefficient
  • Ideally, avoid matings with an inbreeding figure above 6.25%
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Bull intended for mating not found
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Sire of cow intended for mating not found
Safe Mating
Inbreeding Alert
Bull intended for mating and/or Sire of cow intended for mating not found.
Note: only official New Zealand AB Codes can be used in the inbreeding Report.
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