A2/A2 bulls

Meet the growing demand in Australia for A2/A2 milk by using our A2/A2 bulls.

About 30% of New Zealand dairy cattle produce milk that contains only A2 beta-casein protein. These cows have two copies of the A2 allele that make up the beta-casein gene – A2/A2.

Some consumers are willing to pay more for A2/A2 milk because they believe it prevents the digestive problems they say they experience after drinking A1 milk. We do not endorse any of these claims.

If you want to set up a herd that produces A2/A2 milk, every animal in the herd must be A2/A2. You must also breed with bulls that are A2/A2

A2/A2 Bulls

All our bulls available to dairy farmers in Australia have been genetically tested for their A1 and A2 status.

Choose individual A2/A2 bulls from our bull teams.

A2/A2 genomically tested bulls are ideal if your breeding objective is to go A2/A2. Breed them with A2/A2 cows to get heifers that will produce A2/A2 milk.

Select A2/A2 bulls

Take advantage of the demand for A2/A2 milk and breed A2/A2 cows — choose individual A2/A2 bulls from our bull teams.

Or contact your LIC Australia district manager for more information.

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