LIC incorporates genomic estimations in its animal evaluations, providing benefits to Australian farmers such as access to elite genomic sires and better breeding value estimations.

SGL bull semen

Boost your profits with LIC Australia’s Short Gestation Length (SGL) semen.

LIC breeds

Increase your herd’s genetic value with LIC genetics.

Cows in Feedlot

High input

LIC’s high input selection index helps Australian farmers select bulls that are more likely to breed daughters that will last and perform well in higher production environments.

Sexed semen

Get more high genetic merit heifer calves with LIC Australia’s sexed semen.

LIC heat detection products

Heat detection

Identify more cows in heat, improve your artificial insemination (AI) results and increase your profits by using LIC Australia’s heat detection products.


LIC’s Once-a-day (OAD) index has been developed to help ‘once-a-day milking’ farmers across Australia breed cows that are ideally suited to their system.

A2/A2 bulls

Meet the growing demand for A2/A2 milk by using our A2/A2 bulls.

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