Sexed semen

Australian farmers can now get more high genetic merit heifer calves with LIC Australia’s sexed semen.

A selection of LIC Australia’s top bulls are available in SexedULTRA 4M® semen. We have Jersey, Holstein Friesian and KiwiCross™ sexed semen available to dairy farmers in Australia.

This tried and tested technology gives Australian dairy farmers a 90% chance of producing a female calf.

As part of a well-managed breeding programme sexed semen can help you:

  • Breed your herd’s next generation from your best cows
  • Get more high genetic merit heifer calves with LIC Australia’s sexed semen bulls
  • Boost genetic gain
  • Reduce male dairy calf numbers
  • Create opportunities from surplus calves
  • Target the market with beef-cross calves
  • Drive more profit to your bottom line

Considerations for using sexed semen

There are wider considerations to keep in mind to optimise sexed semen use on farm.

A New Zealand trial showed that frozen sexed semen thawed at room temperature averaged 13% lower conception rates compared to conventional semen.

Europe and US trials showed that frozen sexed semen thawed at 37 degrees Celsius and inseminated 16 hours after a standing heat resulted in a 3% to 6% difference between sexed and conventional semen.*

Execute a well-managed plan to reap the benefits of sexed semen:

  • Mate yearling heifers to sexed semen – they have higher conception rates than milking cows
    –  choose bulls suitable for yearling mating
    –  pregnancy scan early to identify cows in-calf to AI bulls
  • mate heifers 10 days before the main herd
  • avoid mix-ups by calving cows in-calf to AI bulls separately to cows in-calf to stock bulls
  • use strict criteria when selecting cows for sexed semen. For example, young, high genetic merit, healthy, early-calved and cycling cows
  • mate selected cows before your herd’s mating start date. Move the mating start date forward if necessary
  • ensure herd fertility is high before you consider using sexed semen
  • be certain cows are on full standing heat before mating with sexed semen. If you’re unsure use a conventional straw
  • have plenty of stock bulls ready to cover returning cows. For example, two teams of one bull to three non-pregnant cows if using two-year-old bulls, plus spares
  • follow STgenetics® handling and insemination instructions for SexedULTRA 4M®.

Download handling and insemination instructions

Maximise herd improvement and profits on your farm with targeted use of LIC sexed semen.

*Trial information provided by STgenetics®

Select sexed semen for heifer calves

Contact your LIC Australia district manager to discuss sexed options for your herd.

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