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Black and White – a classic combination

With the ink dry on the 2022 LIC Australia Catalogue, it is exciting to see a line-up of Holstein Friesian sires even better than last year. This underpins LIC’s desire to always strive for improvement. Here’s a closer look at the new kids on the block.

Recent changes to NZ animal evaluation

What’s new in BW? The latest on NZ animal evaluation

Last December, New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL) deployed a major upgrade of its evaluation processes, models, and genetic evaluation software as part of its ongoing programme of enhancements. The changes brought better accuracy in genetic evaluations, allowing farmers to make better breeding decisions

The Lawrences are flexible farming on their dairy farm in Tasmania

Flexibility underpins Tasmanian family dairy farm

These Tasmanian dairy farmers are making inroads on their goal of being an attractive workplace and their current team is diverse – including young staff who are interested in agriculture.

Hilary Lunn new LIC Australia Gippsland District Manager

New Gippsland District Manager – Hilary Lunn

We are proud to introduce new Gippsland district manager, Hilary Lunn. Hilary is a welcome addition to our team, bringing her extensive farming knowledge and previous experience working for LIC.

An LIC bull semen AI straw ready for artificial insemination by an AB technician

Are 2 AB Tech visits better than 1?

Last spring LIC undertook what’s believed to be New Zealand’s first robust trial to determine whether a twice-daily AB
tech service would improve conception rate, getting more cows in-calf.

Using pre-mating heat detection to help when breeding dairy cows in Australia

Pre-mating tips

Ensure a successful mating period and increase your chances of getting cows in-calf with these pre-mating tips from LIC’s Mike Rose.


Can low-methane bulls be bred?

LIC reproduction scientist Lorna McNaughton, looks at the importance of low- methane bulls as we move towards reducing emissions.

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