Holstein Friesian – hitting their stride

Learn more about this season’s stand-out Holstein-Friesian sires in LIC Australia’s new 2023 catalogue.

119002 Bellamys DM Galant-ET S1F

LIC bred Holstein-Friesian dairy cow
Daughter of 119002 Bellamys DM Galant-ET S1F

Galant is the number one proven Holstein Friesian with a Breeding Worth of $420.

His components are extreme at 4.2% protein and 5.5% fat. These incredible numbers are rare for a black and white bull and reflect the efficiency that Galant’s daughters provide farmers.

A real health and fertility improver, Galant has low SCC at -0.65 and positive fertility at 2.8% gBV. Galant will deliver moderate size cows with great strength. Capacity and rump width are also both standout traits.

Hailing from the far north of New Zealand, Galant’s dam was a strong performer in the herd. His pedigree is a star-studded line-up, with Dicksons BG Mandate as the Galant’s sire, and hall of famer San Ray FM Beamer the dam’s sire.

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119012 Fanana BM Excellent S2F

LIC Holstein Friesian bull Excellent
119012 Fanana BM Excellent S2F

Excellent should get farmers’ tick of approval as a Holstein Friesian bull that produces crossbred size cows with very tidy udders. He’s our highest rated Holstein Friesian bull for udder overall at 1.29 gBV and liveweight sitting at just 24kg.

Excellent would be a great fit for farmers who want to reduce the size of their cows but keep them black and white. He will also do a great job of increasing components and fertility while maintaining a strong udder.

He delivers lower SCC and, by looking at the opinion traits, farmers love having his daughters in the herd. It’s pleasing that Excellent has come through so strong as he was one of a small number of genomic sires used in Australia. This is awesome news for farmers that used him as a genomic sire.

He is a real ‘mini-me’ of his sire Maxima, who has been a popular choice for many. Excellent’s dam averaged 5.5% fat & 3.7% protein across 5 lactations, giving him a rock solid pedigree. Additionally, having Mint Edition in the first three generations of the pedigree is a bonus for many.

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119014 Buelin BM Equator S2F

Dam of 119014 Buelin BM Equator S2F
Dam of 119014 Buelin BM Equator S2F

If production, fertility & udders is what you need for your herd, then Equator is the bull for you.

Bred by the award winning production herd of Stefan Buhler in Taranaki, Equator’s dam is an outstanding Mint-Edition cow with a production worth in the top 1% at over 900. She has excelled in the high production herd since her arrival from the Glen Koru stud. Her production blasts past 1,000 milk solids in one season, coming in at a whopping 1,122 kgMS in 305 days! The dam is still going strong at seven years of age.

Equator offers a massive combined solids of almost 100kg, plus the advantage of positive fertility and shorter gestation at -7.8 days.

On top of this, Equator is sired by Bothwell WT Maxima who was a popular bull in Australia offering excellent udders and a smaller stature. Equator will be available in both conventional and sexed semen.

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119041 Royson MG Currency S3F

Daughter of 119041 Royson MG Currency S3F
Daughter of 119041 Royson MG Currency S3F

If production and type are your focus, then look no further. Currency comes in as the leading new Holstein Friesian sire for production with combined solids of 107kg. His daughters not only have the will to milk but the dairy type and udders to carry it – udder overall at over 1 gBV, great wide rumps and capacity.

At 94kg for liveweight, Currency’s daughters have the size to push production to the next level. His management traits show that the farmers are impressed to date. There is plenty to like about the pedigree, with his sire Maire IG Gauntlet being well proven and his dam being a top performing Hothouse cow with a production worth of 741.

Currency will be a popular choice for 2023 so get your orders in early. He is available in both conventional and sexed semen.

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by Michelle Lamerton
International Marketing Coordinator
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