Jersey – A trio of aces

Here are three well-bred, strong and high-production Jersey bulls to add to your breeding program this season.

318001 Okura Pepper Lucca

Dam of LIC Jersey bull 318001 Okura Pepper Lucca
Dam of 318001 Okura Pepper Lucca

Lucca is bred from the well-known Okura stud in Northland, who bred LIC Hall of Fame bull Integrity. You will find the magic combination of Degree and Integrity, two of the most influential Jersey sires over the past ten years, in this pedigree.

The cow family as the maternal line of Lucca stand out for big production and good type.

At $495, Lucca is the highest Breeding Worth Jersey bull on offer for 2023. Additionally, as the second highest overall, Lucca was one of the easier selections this season.

Offering huge production for a Jersey at 57kg fat and 19kg protein, Lucca is also one of the higher volume sires.

He still delivers on fertility at 3.4% gBV and with type traits completing the total package, which farmers obviously like, as his farmer overall opinion trait sits high at 0.72 gBV.

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319030 Grantz BC Hendrix ET S3J

LIC Jersey bull 319030 Grantz BC Hendrix ET S3J
319030 Grantz BC Hendrix ET S3J

There has been a clear focus on breeding larger Jersey sires with strong production, and this is plain to see with the 2023 Jersey bulls coming through.

Their size and production is right up there with many of the KiwiCross® bulls, with fertility scores significantly higher than the other breeds.

Hendrix is a classic example of this, with his liveweight coming in at 3 gBV. At over 500kg in liveweight and with stature at -0.18 gBV, he’s the tallest LIC Jersey bull in the 2023 line up.

He has production to match with combined fat and protein of 64kg and is in the positive for volume, which is very rare for a Jersey. His fertility gBV at 7.1% is in the top group of new bulls and is a reflection of his sire, Bells Conrad, who has been a high fertility bull for many years.

Hendrix’s pedigree is stacked with great sires of the past two decades with Manhatten and Degree featuring. Adding Conrad to the mix, you can expect high production and good size.

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320020 Thornwood Banff Titus

Dam of 320020 Thornwood Banff Titus

If you are looking to get hold of the next big thing, then Titus is as good as they come.

Out of a maternal line of excellent cows and the well-liked proven sire Banff,  Titus is bred from two of the most influential studs in NZ, Thornwood and Glanton. Thornwood Goldies Trix is a stunning cow with massive production,with multiple sires in the AI schemes in New Zealand.

Titus is also related to the late bull Trigger, one of the best udder BV bulls in New Zealand and from the same stud and family.

If you have been thinking of giving New Zealand Jersey’s a try, then this bull is a great start. Ticking all the boxes, this genomic sire offers fat and protein components at 10.7%, extreme fertility at 6.5% gBV and udder overall at 0.70 gBV.

At above average for liveweight and positive capacity, Titus will deliver strong cows. Available in conventional, get ahead of the pack and get some Titus into your 2023 breeding program.

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by Michelle Lamerton
International Marketing Coordinator
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