KiwiCross® bulls – punching above their weight

519020 Paynes Professor-ET

Daughter of KiwiCriss bull 519020 Paynes Professor-ET
Daughter of 519020 Paynes Professor-ET

Professor is a powerhouse bull making his debut in the Australia sire team line-up for 2023. A result of embryo work carried out by Brad and Claire Payne on their farm in Cambridge, Professor daughters have all the answers to running a profitable farm system.

The combined fat and protein kgs of 112kg and volume over 1398 litres makes him our highest marketed production bull across all breeds!

This is complemented by a capacity of over 1 gBV, which keeps the engines of these deep-bodied animals running exactly how any farmer would want.

He also has strong udders, and while rear teats may be wider than average for most farmers, rear teats are becoming too close so a bull that is slightly wider is a positive.

Professor is a Horizon Boulevard son from a Mourne Grove Hothouse cow who has never dropped below 700kg milk solids after her first lactation. The Payne’s bulls are making a real name for themselves with Prominence another top option who graduated in 2022.

Professor will be available in both conventional and sexed semen but with the figures he offers will be in short supply, so please place your orders early.

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519034 Gordons Flash-Gordon

Daughter of KiwiCross bull 519034 Gordons Flash-Gordon
Daughter of 519034 Gordons Flash-Gordon

Everyone loves a good superhero and Flash Gordon lives up to his lofty name. Being the number one gBW sire at $496 in the 2023 Australia catalogue, Flash Gordon deserves his super hero status.

Coming from a cow family that is making a habit of producing winners, Flash Gordon’s grand-dam is the dam of once top of the charts bull, Gordons Lancelot.

Flash Gordon’s sire, Linan Integrity Winston, was a high production Jersey bull and with a dam going back to Inca. Both bulls were not marketed in Australia making Flash Gordon a really solid outcross option.

Production is right up in the top few bulls across breed, with a total 112kg combined fat and protein and over 1000 litres of milk.

His daughters are moderately sized at 16kg liveweight and he’s suitable to be put over both cows and yearlings. With traits other than production being solid throughout and udders being nice and strong to hold all the milk that the daughter will deliver.

Being the number one proven sire Flash Gordon will be in hot demand and we only have limited supplies so if you are looking to push your genetic gain this year then make the call on Flash Gordon early as he is bound to sell out.

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519062 Arkans Barrier

Dam of KiwiCross bull 519062 Arkans Barrier
Dam of 519062 Arkans Barrier

Coming from the Arkans Stud in Otorohanga, this stud needs no introduction. The stud has produced dozens of popular bulls for the Australian industry with names such as Bounty, Buster and Beaut. Barrier is even sired by another Arkans bred bull in Arkans Patriarch who is still a top seller here in Australia.

Barrier himself has a lot to offer being one of the higher fertility sires available at 3.4% gBV. Coming in at over 10% for fat and protein these cows will really help lift the components within your herd.

At the smaller end of the liveweight band for a KiwiCross® bull, they may not be tall, but they are certainly strong with capacity nudging close to 1 gBV.

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519072 Rhantana Outlook-ET

Daughter of KiwiCross bull 519072 Rhantana Outlook-ET
Daughter of 519072 Rhantana Outlook-ET

If you are looking for cows with strength and capacity, then Outlook should be on your list. With capacity at over 1 gBV and rump width at 0.9 gBV, Outlook daughters certainly have the power to handle all that is thrown at them.

Fertility is in the top handful of KiwiCross® sires at 5.4% gBV, it’s just another reason to include Outlook in your breeding plan for 2023.

Strong udders and positive management traits combined with high production is always a recipe for success. Sire Horizon Boulevard was never used in Australia and so Outlook can be used as an outcross option for most herds.

The cow family who Outlook hails from, oozes longevity and fertility with the first three females in the maternal line averaging over nine years old. The farm they come from is a top performing commercial operation that allows good genetics to thrive.

Outlook will be available in both conventional and sexed semen and will likely be one of the most popular sires this year.

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by Michelle Lamerton
International Marketing Coordinator
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