Spoilt for choice with KiwiCross®

LIC’s KiwiCross® bulls have gone from strength to strength over the years, with excellent outcross options for Australian dairy cows plus a great balance of fertility, production and type. This year sees it continue, with one the best line ups we have seen.

518038 Werders Premonition

Dam of LIC KiwiCross bull Premonition
Dam of Premonition

Topping the gBW list and coming in at a whopping $446, Premonition walks in the footsteps of his sire, Sierra, who is the most-used LIC bull in Australia ever! One of several Sierra sons who have graduated with flying colours, Premonition delivers production like a Holstein-Friesian – combined fat and protein of 84kg milksolids.

With 118 herd-tested daughters currently milking, Breeding Worth shows they are very efficient with liveweight coming in just under 500kg. The strong straight-black dam (pictured) has passed on her type, with Premonition coming in at 0.71 gBV for udder overall and plenty of capacity. Being A2A2 and well-liked by farmers (overall opinion is 0.61 gBV), Premonition will be in demand in 2022.

Here’s more information on Premonition

518016 Horizon Ascott

Daughter of LIC KiwiCross bull Ascott
Daughter of Ascott

Did someone say outcross? Ascott will slot into most Australian dairy farmer’s breeding plans as an outcross to popular bloodlines. His sire, Burmeisters Bandana, was not used in Australia and Maternal Grand Sire, Jaydie, was only used limitedly. He also has rock-solid production, fertility, and capacity. If you are looking for an udder improver, Ascott will do the job, with udder overall coming in over 1 gBV. Adding on A2A2 and easy calving ticks most of the boxes of a desirable sire.

Here’s more inforamtion on Ascott

518061 Innovation Homebrew

Dam of LIC KiwiCross bull Homebrewe
Dam of Homebrew

Homebrew is the first bull bred at LIC’s Innovation farm marketed as a daughter proven sire.  The Arkans Beaut dam., Moonshine, was a standout from day one. With the extensive research done on Innovation farm, she was herd tested 69 times in her first two seasons alone so oozes consistency. Homebrew has delivered on his promise, with a gBW of $361 combined components over 10%, a desirable breed mix of F9J7, easy calving and excellent management traits throughout.

Here’s more information on Homebrew

518068 Morgans Moonshine

Daughter of LIC KiwiCross bull Moonshine
Daughter of Moonshine

If health and fertility is your focus, then Moonshine should be top of your list. Moonshine is the highest sire marketed by LIC Australia for fertility, at 9.1% gBV. To put that into perspective, significantly 4.5% more of his offspring will get in-calf in the first six weeks of calving than average. He is also in the top 5% for SCC, at -0.71 gBV. Moonshine has a popular breed mix of F11J5. His sire is Holstein Friesian bull, Moorbys FM Granite, and dam a high-performing Arkans Beaut cow.  

Here’s more information of Moonshine

Check out the 2022 LIC Australia Catalogue for our full team of bulls

by Michelle Lamerton
International Marketing Coordinator
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